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Rubber-Textile Rubber-Textile Special Steel-Cord Profiled PVC/PU Warehouse
Scrapers Rollers Rubber Sheets Industrial Screens
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General use, mainly for the transportation of loose and general material. more »

Transporting material in environmentally unfriendly conditions. more »

Transporting material in long axle distances in difficult working conditions. more »

Transporting loose and general materials with angle above 30. more »

Even and profile belts for agriculture, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. more »

Current stock of conveyor belts. more »

About company

The main aim of our company is the sales of rubber-textile, steel-cord, profiled and PVC/PU belts, splicing materials for conveyor belts and construction components for conveyers.

Eurobelt also offers customer services in the areas of maintenance and usage of conveyer belts as well as consulting services to help customers choose the optimal conveyor belts for their needs. On top of these services we can also satisfy our clients by providing warehousing as well as transportation. We have an accredited quality management system ISO 9001:2000. Conveyor belts have been supplied to a wide range of customers all over the world. more »

Conveyor belts