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Rubber-Textile Conveyor Belts

These conveyor belts are for general usage. They are mainly used to transport loose and general material in standard conditions.

The carcass of the belt consists of 2 6 textile plies made of combined polyester (E) and polyamide (P) fibre. These are known for their great strength and fantastic physical and mechanical features. They are made with either cut or protected edge, with a strength range between 200 3 500 N/mm and a width of 400 2 400 mm (chart in PDF format). Cover layers assure conveyor belt is contacted to transported material, rollers and drums exactly. That is why it is important to pay maximum attention to choosing the right thickness and category of cover layers.

Categories of cover layers according to nature of transported material (norm DIN 22 102):

X abrasive, sharp angular and great lump - sized
Y slightly, abrasive, sharp angular and small lump sized
W very abrasive, granular and loose

Conveyor belts